ul. Woźnicza 37, 54-313 Wrocław

ul. Woźnicza 37, 54-313 Wrocław


What services are provided by us?

As civil engineers, we can offer you a wide range of services related to design development in the following areas and building elements:

Structural design

  • reinforced and monolithic concrete structures;
  • prefabricated reinforced concrete structures;
  • wall structures;
  • wooden structures;
  • tensile pre-tensioned and post-tensioned concrete structures
  • steel structures;
  • steel and concrete composite structures;
  • special glass-tensile structures.

Geotechnical issues

  • designing of retaining walls;
  • designing of construction pit protection systems; (diaphragm walls, sheet piling, Berlin walls);
  • designing of bored piles;
  • designing of DSM columns.

Iterative calculations of fire protection structures

  • iterative analysis of the load capacity of beams, columns, walls with any cross-sections exposed to a fire load of any density, assuming actual values of reinforcement and insulation;
  • iterative analysis of the load-bearing capacity of fire-loaded coating elements assuming actual reinforcement and insulating layer values.

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